"Achieving Expectations"

  • Provider of engineering coatings to manufacturing, biotech, mining and aerospace industries since 1947.
  • Engineering coatings include Electroless Nickel, Gold, Silver, Tin and  many others.
  • Supported by in-house NATA accredited laboratory .
  • Capable of complying with a wide spectrum of specifications and standards including defence, military, aerospace, national standards, mining and third party specifications.
  • Provider of NASA approved (material # 20386)  Nedox coatings: corrosion resistant coatings with very low coefficient of friction.
  • Pulse plating technology provides finer grain plating of pure metals.
  • Jetting-in-air technology provides high speed and precision selective plating of reeled parts.
  • Pure cadmium plating for aerospace and defence applications.
  • Specialized corporate disclosure of " Conflict Minerals" in accordance with the U.S. Dobb-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Section 1502.
  • Provider of clean room processing and packing services.
  • Provider and partner in RoHS and REACH compliance.


Industries Serviced

There are numerous applications for our Coatings and Processes. Please follow this link to find helpful recommendations for your applications.


Australia S E C Plating Pty Ltd has developed a comprehensive range of durable coatings that suits your product needs.

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