"Achieving Expectations"


  • Provider of engineering coatings to manufacturing, biotech, mining and aerospace industries since 1947.
  • Engineering coatings include Electroless Nickel, Gold, Silver, Tin and many others.
  • Supported by in-house NATA accredited laboratory.
  • Capable of complying with a wide spectrum of specifications and standards including defence, military, aerospace, national standards, mining and third party specifications.
  • Provider of NASA approved (material # 20386) Nedox coatings: corrosion resistant coatings with very low coefficient of friction.
  • Pulse plating technology provides finer grain plating of pure metals.
  • Jetting-in-air technology provides high speed and precision selective plating of reeled parts.
  • Pure cadmium plating for aerospace and defence applications.
  • Specialized corporate disclosure of "Conflict Minerals" in accordance with the U.S. Dobb-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Section 1502.
  • Provider of clean room processing and packing services.
  • Provider and partner in RoHS and REACH compliance.


S E C Plating Pty Ltd
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